Specialty Resin Fibre Discs

Specialty Resin Fibre Discs

Resin fibre discs are available in many different styles. Variances include the diameter, the arbor hole size, the shape of the disc, and the shape of the arbor hole. Gemtex® has the flexibility to create custom and special discs. Available in all sizes of resin fibre discs with L suffix.

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    Zone Coated Discs

    Zone Coated: Grain is placed, leaving a clear Zone around the arbor. Easier to lock on a grinder and provides a tighter fit. Excellent on  coarse grits, where grain can be a hindrance.
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  • Die Cut slotted discs

    Slotted Discs

    Slotted: The 1/2” cuts from the 5/8” or 7/8” arbor hole are die cut outs, not just a slash
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    Slashed Discs

    Slashed: 1/4” center hole with four 1/2” long cuts made from the center out.
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    Octogonal Discs

    Octagonal: An eight sided disc provides better view of work surface while grinding.
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  • Locking Disc

    Locking Discs

    Locking Discs: Can be applied to any disc with a 7/8” arbor.  5/8”-11 threaded lock allows the disc to spin on and off the spindle, without a locking nut or wrench.
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