Resin Fibre Discs

Resin Fibre Discs

Resin fibre discs are manufactured utilizing a multilayer, heavy duty vulcanized fibre as backing, which is then covered with a resin bond coat specially designed to resist loading, glazing and grain stripping. This bond coat is then covered with mineral abrasive grains formulated for toughness and sharpness. Resin fibre discs are available in many different styles. Variances include the diameter, the arbor hole size, the shape of the disc, and the shape of the arbor hole. Gemtex® has the flexibility to create custom and special discs.

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    “C” Type

    “C” Type Aluminum Oxide Resin Fibre Discs provide overall economy with good performance in an all purpose resin fibre disc. Containing no halogen producing grinding additives. “C” Type has been designed to excel in a wide variety of applications providing both cost effective stock removal, and a safer working environment.
    • Low cost general purpose industrial quality disc
    • The “classic” RFD, clean bonding system promotes a safer, healthier working environment
    • No harmful additives, user friendly
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    “A” Type

    “A” Type represents superior grinding performance in a premium aluminum oxide resin fibre resin. A blend of advanced abrasive alloys and bonding agents delivers superior cutting rates and longer useful life. “A” Type provides optimal value when used in high stock removal applications and where a cool cutting action is required.
    • Premium Aluminum Oxide grit delivers superior cutting rates
    • Advanced bonding formulation provides cool grinding action extending disc life
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    “SMD” Type

    “SMD” Type are Soft Metal Discs designed for used on soft metals like bronze, brass and aluminum. These discs disperse their own lubrication as the disc grinds, delaying heat build up of the metal work piece. Lower work surface temperature means melting is delayed, allowing the disc to cut and last longer than regular discs. The protected disc acts as an open coat shedding any buildup of debris.
    • Reduces disc waste, and costly changeover time
    • Low pressure required for optimum performance
    • Innovative NEW product
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    “S” Type

    “S” Type Silicon Carbide is designed for stone, terrazzo, ceramic and non-ferrous metal stock removal. The highest quality Silicon Carbide is selected for this resin fibre disc.
    • Premium Silicon Carbide grit means fast cutting action on non-ferrous metal
    • Clean bonding system promotes a safer, healthier working environment
    • Definitive stone grinding
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    “Zee” Type

    “Zee” Type represents ultimate grinding performance in a premium Zirconium resin fibre disc. The extremely hard Zirconium abrasive alloy sharpens itself in use, delivering outstanding cutting rates and maximum useful life. The advanced bond extends disc life by minimizing grain shedding, while promoting a cool grinding action which reduces glazing and loading. “Zee” Type is most cost effective when used in high production applications where cutting rates are monitored.
    • Premium Zirconium grit delivers ultimate grinding performance in resin fibre discs
    • Advanced bonding formulation provides cool grinding action, extending disc life.
    • Available up to 120 grit
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    “PMD” Type

    “PMD” Type are Premium Metal Discs developed especially for use on stainless steel and other alloys. Provides higher cut rates and cooler grinding temperatures. Heat treated blue fired ceramically coated aluminum oxide and ceramic grain. Custom blended grinding aid.
    • Synthetic wax
    • Anti glazing, anti loading, cool grinding product
    • Works on hardest metals like stainless steel 300 series, carbon steel, exotic alloys and titanium
    • Elite metal grinding
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  • RFD-PMD-SUP+100


    PMD SUPREME: Innovative Ceramic Resin Fibre Disc for industrial metal applications: PMD SUPREME provides ultimate grinding performance in new 100% SG Ceramic Grain with top coat. Developed especially for use on stainless steel and other alloys for maximum performance.
    • Top coat with ultimate grinding aid and cooling aid.
    • Long lasting life on stainless steel, carbon steel and high nickel and alloy metals.
    • Meets maximum productivity at reduced cost.
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    • ZEE SUPREME provides ultimate: grinding performance in 100% Zirconia with TOP COAT.
    • It provides ultimate cost effective when used in high production application.
    • Cool grinding action reduces glazing and loading.
    • Very high stock removal
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    GEM SUPREME Latest innovative Resin Fibre Disc with advanced technology for superior grinding applications.
    • GEM SUPREME: Unique blend of SG Ceramic and Zirconia grain.
    • This is an advanced Resin Fibre Disc from light to heavy pressure grinding requirement.
    • Wide range of metals grinding and finishing application including Aerospace Industry.
    • Provides optimum value.
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    • Top coat with ultimate grinding aid and cooling aid.
    • Long lasting life on aluminum and all non ferrous metal.
    • Reduces disc waste and costly changeover time.
    • Outlasts the competitors 4 to 1.
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    Zone Coated Discs

    Zone Coated: Grain is placed, leaving a clear Zone around the arbor. Easier to lock on a grinder and provides a tighter fit. Excellent on  coarse grits, where grain can be a hindrance.
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  • Die Cut slotted discs

    Slotted Discs

    Slotted: The 1/2” cuts from the 5/8” or 7/8” arbor hole are die cut outs, not just a slash
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