Flaptec® Flap Discs Type 27 Flat Face

Flaptec® Flap Discs Type 27 Flat Face

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  • FD-ALUM-OXIDE-27-R-opt2

    Aluminum Oxide Flaptec® Flap Discs Type 27 Flat Face

    Aluminum Oxide represents superior grinding performance in a premium aluminum oxide resin fibre resin. A blend of advanced abrasive alloys and bonding agents delivers superior cutting rates and longer useful life. “A” Type provides optimal value when used in high stock removal applications and where a cool cutting action is required.
    • Premium Aluminum Oxide grit delivers superior cutting rates.
    • Advanced bonding formulation provides cool grinding action extending disc life.
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  • FD-ZIR-27-HD-opt2

    Zirconia Flaptec® Flap Discs Type 27 Flat Face

    Zirconia represents ultimate grinding performance in a premium Zirconium resin fibre disc. The extremely hard Zirconium abrasive alloy sharpens itself in use, delivering outstanding cutting rates and maximum useful life. The advanced bond extends disc life by minimizing grain shedding, while promoting a cool grinding action which reduces glazing and loading. “Zee” Type is most cost effective when used in high production applications where cutting rates are monitored.
    • Premium Zirconium grit delivers ultimate grinding performance in resin fibre discs.
    • Advanced bonding formulation provides cool grinding action, extending disc life.
    • Available up to 120 grit.
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  • FD-CER-TYPE-27-opt2

    Ceramic Flaptec® Flap Discs Type 27 Flat Face

    Ceramic Flaptec® discs are coated with SG ceramic grain, a winner on applications where heat is a problem. The grains stay sharp as they fracture, because new cutting edges are continually exposed. A grinding product that continually exposes new cutting edges last longer. This self sharpening grain ensures consistent performance during the entire life of the disc.
    • Maintain their sharpness longer in order to minimize metallurgical damage during metal removal.
    • Cut heat sensitive metals fast with a noticeable reduction in discoloration of the work piece.
    • Outlast other discs on carbon steel.
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  • M-FD-ZIR-R-opt2

    Zirconia Mini Flaptec® Flap Discs Type 27 Flat Face Type R

    Type R - Plastic Roll-On Style Flap discs offer numerous advantages over depressed center wheels including; less noise, no loading, higher rate of material removal, no chattering or vibration and less operator fatigue. They are available in two styles; Type 27 which has a flat surface and Type 29 (conical) with the flaps placed at an angle. Flap discs provide higher productivity and cost savings. Disc changes can be eliminated when you use one disc to go from grinding to blending and blending to finishing.
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