High Quality Abrasive Products



  • North American abrasive manufacturer
  • Worry-free Shipping to USA and worldwide
  • Flexibility to support customer requirements and specifications as needed
  • Private labelling, branding and packaging available upon request
  • Gemtex® is a manufacturer of specialty products including Trimkut®, Mini Grind-R, Mini RFDs and a high quality Supreme line of RFDs
  • Committed to excellence in customer service and satisfaction
  • Unique eco-friendly manufacturing process

Gemtex® Abrasives

Gemtex® Abrasives, based in Toronto, Canada, was founded in 1975 and is a leading manufacturer of abrasive products sold worldwide.  Our products are used in a wide array of markets such as industrial, aerospace, marine/shipbuilding, metal fabrication, automotive, mining, power generation, machinery, natural gas and retail.  Gemtex® is a trusted quality manufacturer of private label and private brand abrasive products. Always striving for innovation, Gemtex® has introduced to the market products such as Trimkut®, Mini Grind-R, Mini RFDs and a high quality Supreme line of resin fibre discs.

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